Bus, Safety, Tuition Assistance

For the last several years, the St. Nicholas Auction has asked attendees to raise their paddles to donate first to a need identified by the school and second to donate to the Guardian Angel Program, our tuition assistance program. This year, we will only ask attendees to raise their paddles once for these needs and then distribute the funds among them. This page gives you the opportunity to learn more about each area.

Please contact the Development office, development@sncsgh.org if you would like to contribute to one or more of these areas of need or call the school at (253) 858-7632.

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What does a bus mean for the St. Nicholas Catholic School Community?

When thinking about a bus, consider what our parents, students, and teachers believe it will offer:

  • Precious hours in a week for parents who might spend time taking their children to school or take time off work to drive students on field trips.

  • Freedom for teachers to take take learning outside of the classroom because they could plan learning experiences without the concern that they are over-burdening parents who are already so generous with their time.

  • Stress reduction because sometimes the logistics of driving to school or carpooling for field trips is taxing!

  • Athletic opportunities because coaches could drive students to practice, games, and tournaments, saving parents time, gas, and (often) tolls!

  • Joy because kids love riding in a bus with their friends!

  • Access because a bus will enable families who need transportation for their children to attend St. Nicholas.

  • Opportunities for parish groups to use the bus on weekends.

These students are precious gifts!

These students are precious gifts!


What does safety mean to the St. Nicholas Community?

Safety and technology upgrades were parts of the fund-an-item at the 2017 auction. The school would like to upgrade security at the school in order to:

  • Allow only one entrance to the school during the school day.

  • Coordinate with the parish to streamline safety protocols throughout the campus.

  • Invite additional adults to be present in and around the school to look out for the children.

  • Move sheds so that students can safely access the playground from the courtyard.

  • Continue to work with consultants to prioritize other improvements.

We love all of our students!

We love all of our students!


What does Guardian Angel tuition assistance mean to the St. Nicholas community?

All local students should be able to have St. Nicholas Catholic School as an educational option. We want to continue forming scholars and saints from all backgrounds.

  • As a ministry, our school would ideally be accessible to every family.

  • We do not want to lose any of our students due to financial strains.

  • We do not want current or new families to make hard choices between educating their children and providing them with health insurance, for example.

  • We want families of all sizes to be able to consider St. Nicholas as a possibility.

  • We want our school to grow now and into the future!