Stephanie Kilmer 3rd Grade  (253) 858-7632

Stephanie Kilmer
3rd Grade

(253) 858-7632


B.A. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Reading, Central Washington University

I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the St. Nicholas community. Teaching is a vocation I have dreamed to be a part of since I was in third grade. Upon graduating from university, I taught first grade at Visitation Catholic School in Tacoma before moving to St. Nicholas in 2010. Having attended Catholic school myself, I firmly believe in the invaluable power of a Catholic education and have chosen St. Nicholas school for my own three children.  

Third grade students learn a variety of academic, spiritual, and social skills to help them throughout their lives. Responsibility and positive reinforcement are taught through the use of a “classroom economy.” Students earn money and shop at our classroom store weekly in addition to paying rent for their space in our classroom monthly. Technology is integrated into everyday learning experiences through the use of iPad’s and robotics. Along with learning the basics of language arts, math, science and social studies the students of third grade pray the Rosary, attend Eucharistic Adoration, memorize and dictate weekly bible verses and invite God to walk beside them each and every day.



  • Creating United States Regional pop-up projects

  • Participating in the IditaREAD reading challenge, after learning about Alaska’s Iditarod Race

  • Participating in the Nativity House Socks and Toiletries Drive

  • Donating to the Kindergarten Coin Drive for Saint Vincent de Paul Food Bank

  • Cleaning the pews after every school mass



In third grade, children expand on concepts related to addition and subtraction, and solve problems involving multiplication and division. Students develop an understanding of fractions. Students also expand their studies in geometry, recognizing the perimeter as an attribute of place figures and distinguishing between linear and area measurements.


Students work on their skills in measurement, in both metric and imperial units. Students measure mass in grams, liquid volume in liters and millimeters, and temperatures of liquids and gases in degrees Celsius. Students observe and explore the properties of water in liquid, solid, and gaseous states, and study evaporation and condensation. We learn how to utilize the steps of the Scientific Method, and acquire proper academic vocabulary associated with the scientific units of study.

Social studies

Children learn to identify different regions of the United States and recognize different land features and their natural resources. In studying our nation’s history, students learn to connect historical figures to current events. Students also learn to distinguish between the three branches of government.


In third grade, students deepen their commitment to portraying Christian values and morals through their actions. They learn to treat others with respect and accept people for their unique qualities. Students memorize their grade-level prayers: Prayer to the Holy Spirit and the Apostles Creed. Together we attend all school Masses and Holy Days of Obligation, and pray the rosary as a class.

Language arts

In third grade, students practice the art of reading and writing cursive. Students learn to write persuasive, narrative, and informational pieces. They learn concrete steps to the writing process, in order to provide a strong introduction, body, and conclusion to their works. Spelling and grammar practice help students produce simple and compound sentences. Students are also encouraged to engage in collaborate discussions, explain their ideas, and present their writing.


Children will continue to develop their accuracy to support comprehension, determine the main idea of a text, and describe characters in a story. Students will learn how to glean information from illustrations, and apply grade-appropriate phonics.


Students will learn to focus on expanding the knowledge of common programs and browsing techniques in order to focus on larger, interdisciplinary projects.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
— Joshua 24:15