Fourth Grade

Welcome! I hope that you will find this website helpful in understanding the 4th grade experience at St. Nicholas Catholic School. My name is Mrs. Sarah Boyd and I feel blessed to teach in this beautiful community. I particularly enjoy teaching 4th graders, as this is a year of tremendous growth for them as they learn more about what it takes to be a responsible student, family member, citizen, and spiritual being. My own Catholic school experience was a very positive one, and I hope to have the same impact on my students that my teachers had on me.

This year is a year of growth for students.  We begin with working on organization and responsibility for our work.  These skills are worked on continually and will improve greatly over the course of the school year with your support at home. Taking responsibility for one’s own learning plays a large role in the success of your child in 4th grade. However, as a parent, you are still a very important part of the learning process as well.  Please work to help your child develop good organization skills at home, as these will help at school.  I look forward to working together this year to build a solid foundation for your child.

You will find more information below regarding the the emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of 4th graders, as well as the curriculum and special activities in 4th grade. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Sarah Boyd

My philosophy

All children possess the ability to reach their greatest potential. That potential is unique to each individual student. As a teacher, it is my job to help students discover and reach that potential. I strive to create a learning environment that is safe, supportive, engaging, and uplifting so that students can discover their talents, take risks, share their gifts, learn from one another, deepen their faith, and build confidence (and have fun doing it).