Physical Education

Class Expectations

Come prepared to learn and participate every day. All students attend PE classes on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. On these days, students must wear appropriate shoes and outerwear. Sweatshirts/jackets and running shoes are recommended.

5th-8th graders are required to wear a PE uniform, consisting of a green shirt and black shorts.  Please see your class PE page for more details.

Be Safe, be Responsible, be Respectful, and Stop on the Whistle.


Participation- daily participation in all activities

Effort- trying to the best of YOUR abilities

Processing Content- Engaging in activities

Cooperation- working in harmony with groups daily

Attitude/sportsmanship- daily positive attitude in class, not putting others down

Assessments- points will vary. (Fitness testing will NOT be factored into students grade, but rather be a tool to see improvement.)