Language Arts















Students will be writing in a variety of forms and for a variety of audiences, including five paragraph essays. There will also be a research project later in the school year.  Students will be asked to do the majority of their writing at home in order for us to use class time to work on sharing, revising, and editing with the teacher and peers. Students will do their writing on their Chrome books.  They will also be required to print a hard copy for the teacher.


Students will be reading a variety of materials including: short stories, novels, informational text, and poetry.  The class will be assigned a novel and we will sometimes read together as a class.  Sometimes the students will be assigned chapters to read by a certain day and we will then discuss the reading as a class.  It is very important that students make time to do the required reading. Students will be encouraged to become actively involved with their reading.  We will be learning and discussing literary elements, figurative language, and comprehension strategies. Students will complete assignments, quizzes, and projects throughout the study of the novel. Students will be required to keep a reading journal.  Students are expected to have a novel of their choosing with them in class.


Grammar topics will include sentence fragments, run-on sentences, commas splices, verb forms, commas and apostrophes, parts of speech, abbreviations, double negatives, appositives, subject-verb agreement and homophones.  Grammar will be assessed on all writing assignments.


Vocabulary/spelling quizzes will generally be on Fridays.  Words will be introduced on Monday and reviewed often during the two weeks.  Student will also have vocabulary homework at times.  Students are expected to study the words each night.  They can study o-line at sadlier oxford vocabulary level C.