In Middle School Spanish at St. Nicholas Catholic School this year, students will work to master the basics of the Spanish language and progress toward more advanced topics as appropriate for each grade level.

All classes begin the year reviewing fundamentals: greetings, numbers, and verbs. Classes also learn some Mexican history in various levels of detail and sophistication in preparing for understanding the meaning September 16th celebrations in Mexico.

Teacher: Mr. Clouse

During the year there will be films and videos shown in class to introduce students to cultural, geographic, and historical issues important for understanding people in the Spanish-speaking world.

Students already know several prayers in Spanish, and we pray together in Spanish at the beginning and end of every class. As holy days come in the liturgical calendar, the class will learn more about the way Christians who speak Spanish observe them.

8th grade

The eighth grade class is working with a new textbook Buen Viaje 1b and is revieweing greetings, basic vocabulary, subject pronouns, the regular verbs, and the irregular verb ser.

As the year progresses, the class will advance beyond the basics and learn new vocabulary while studying the grammar of Spanish sentences.

Grades will be based on class work, both oral and written, and quizzes and tests.

7th grade Spanish

The 7th grade class is also working with the new textbook Buen Viaje 1a. We have begun by reviewing the basics of greetings and are moving on to dates and Spanish numbers.

Later in the year, the class will begin working to master the complexities of Spanish verbs and sentence structure.

Grades will be based on class work, both oral and written, and quizzes and tests.

6th grade Spanish

In 6th grade Spanish students use the textbook, En Español, as well as their Chromebooks for online language learning.

As in other classes, students begin with a review of basics, from greetings, to numbers, telling time, and talking about dates.

Later in the year, students will progress through more complicated and useful areas of the Spanish language.

Grades are based on homework completion on time and quizzes and tests.

5th grade Spanish

Students begin the formal, academic study of Spanish in 5th grade with an introduction to many of the fundamental structures of the language. Attention is given to all aspects of the language, not only speaking and listening, but also writing and reading in Spanish. We will be using the beginning level textbook, Converso Mucho, which they are responsible for bringing with them to each class meeting.

Grades are based on homework completion on time and quizzes and tests.

Spanish for younger students

In Spanish classes for PreK through 4th grade students there is practice with basic vocabulary, such as numbers 1-20, colors, foods, animals, classroom objects, and people. As students progress in the grades, there is work with more advanced topics like telling time, working with numbers to 100, and verbs.