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We are sailing into the future . . .thank you for filling our sails!




Dick and Sharon Abrams +

Juan Aguayo and Margarita Ramirez* (School Commission)

Mary and David Balmer*

Eric and Jennifer Barry

Christine and Carl Bentley (PTO Board)

The Betz family

Michael and Sarah Boyd*

Michael and Laura Braun

Omar and Claudia Caballero

Hal Cline +

Justin and Holly Corley

Rick and Kim Cummins (Auction Chair)

Roy and Margo Danforth

Erin Davis

Jaremy and Michelle Day

Orlando and Katya Delatorre

Beverly and Russell Doering*

Elaine Engh

Todd Donato and Sara Waversveld

Lawrence Faker

Tomas and Jennifer Ferguson

Josh and Kristine Fisher*

Lee and Aubrey Frasl*

Michael and Nancy Fulton

Barbara Gabriel

Dan Garcia

Joey and Jamie Garcia (School Commission)

Lucille Gedeon

Kim Gould

Joseph and Allison Heaton*

Eric and Hannah Heilman

Karen Heins*

Christine Hewitson

Nancy James

Michael and Valentina Johnson

Kele and Kristen Kanno*#

Jacquelyn Kohler

Jim and Margie Layton

Jason and Margaret LaPlante (PTO Board)

Richard and Barbara Leimback

Evan and Katherine Leitz

Bett and Spencer Lucas+

Perry and Karen McDonald*

Ronald and Renee Metty

Joseph and Leda Moran (PTO Board)

Patrick and Aude Murphy

Christine and Rudy Navarro*

Robert and Sue Nelson

Tom and Frances Obsitnik +

Jim and Marcia Olson

Judy and Bob Palrud

Paul and Donna Peloquin (Parish Evangelization Council)

Michael and Ashley Phillips

Shawn and Marit Polhamus

Richard and Gertrude Puryear+

John and Gail Quigg+

Robert Salverson

Mary M. Schmertz+

Kyle and Alicia Smith

Raonall and Carolyn Smith

Ron and Rita Smith

Brandon and Latisha Sternod

Douglas and Judith Sylvers

The Sambataro Family Foundation (Joseph and Judith Sambataro) +

Matthew and Elizabeth Tarabochia

Charles and Ann Thiery

Jacqueline Traynor

Meg Traynor

Christopher and Jennifer Virant

Frank and Margery Waresak

Bobby and Patricia Whitlow

Derek and Erin Wilson (PTO Board)

Steve and Katie Wright*

*Staff of School or Parish

+Principal’s Leadership Society (Donors of $1000.00 or more)

#Patron’s Club for Monthly Donors