The 2019-2020 annual giving campaign

This year’s Annual Giving Campaign’s theme is based on our logo. “St. Nicholas is sailing into the future . . .” We are hoping that many people will empower us by “catching the wave!”

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Thank you to those donors who have given to Annual Giving!

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What is Annual Giving?

Annual Giving (AG) is really the lifeblood of any school. It sustains programs and activities that are not covered by tuition. This is the best way possible for parents, grandparents/special friends, parishioners, alumni, alumni parents, and community members to make a difference in the present and future of St. Nicholas Catholic School. Your annual investment in our students raises funds for faculty and student programs.

When does St. Nicholas Catholic School promote Annual Giving?

We will be promoting Annual Giving all year long but we kick off the Annual Giving program in September at the parish by asking school families to bring their students in uniform and to help to hand out worship aids. Students also hand out envelopes that parishioners can use to mail contributions back to the school. A parent (or last year, Mr. Reyes) speaks about why the school is important to him and/or her.

We send letters and return envelopes to all families and ask each family to make a pledge or contribution to Annual Giving that reflects their finances. In other words, some families can afford to give $2000.00 or more while others give more like $100.00. It is important for families to give something to the Annual Giving so that when we approach foundations for grant money, they see that families are “all in” for St. Nicholas!

The pledge option allows parents to decide when during the year they would prefer to donate. They decide in September how much they want to give and then they actually contribute the money in February or May but before June 30. Some families like to give monthly and spread their gift over the 10 months of the school year.

How do I participate in Annual Giving?

First, you have until June 30, 2020 to participate in Annual Giving. We ask that if you would like to contribute later in the year that you submit a pledge with the provided envelope so that the school knows you are participating this year. Secondly, you can make a donation by cash, check, or credit card. This link takes you to the parish website for the donation if you want to use a credit card since the parish bookkeeper also takes care of the school accounts. Thirdly, some people sign up for monthly giving (also possible through the parish website)

Why is Annual Giving Necessary?

St. Nicholas Catholic school needs and deserves your support. An annual gift is a vote of confidence in St. Nicholas.

Why not just raise tuition rather than solicit gifts?

Raising tuition would bring in a certain level of revenue but would not meet the ongoing needs that the school faces. In addition, every family, even those families currently receiving tuition assistance would need to pay more than $1700 for each of their children to cover education costs. We would lose some of our beloved students. This effort invites other constituencies in addition to parents to contribute to the success of the school as they feel comfortable. Also, while tuition is not tax-deductible, an annual gift to the school is!

Who is being asked to participate?

We ask a number of people to consider donations to our school. They include parishioners, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff, the students’ grandparents and special friends, as well as parents.

How long do I have to pay my pledge?

You can pay your pledge until June 30, 2020 which is the end of the fiscal year.

What are matching gifts and will I get credit for them with my pledge?

Matching gifts may involve a bit of work on your part but increase annual giving significantly. Many companies match gifts 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1. This means that some match $100.00 with $100.00 (1:1); others match $100.00 with $50.00 (2:1); and still others match $100.00 with approximately $33.33 (3:1) We credit you for any gifts you give plus the matching funds that go with them. In 2018-2019, we received approximately $17,000.00 in matching funds. We would be happy to fill out any paperwork necessary for matching funds to help you with this process.

Local companies that match funds include: Boeing, Microsoft, Wells-Fargo

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Gifts to St. Nicholas Catholic School are fully tax deductible.

Why give to St. Nicholas?

We acknowledge that there are many worthy causes that compete with St. Nicholas for your resources. We also know that while Catholic education has long-lasting effects in the larger community, not everyone is aware that strong leaders, teachers, and other professionals received their formation in Catholic schools. This means that there is a smaller pool from which a Catholic elementary school can draw funds. Cancer has probably touched most people in some way so donating to a place like Fred Hutchinson feels like a natural for many. People who love animals abound. We need you! If you believe in our school, please give as you can!