St. Nicholas Catholic School grads…this page is for you!

We’re excited to launch an Alumni program that allows you to keep up with what’s new at our school and reconnect with old friends. Through newsletters, website updates, and Facebook, you’ll discover:

  • Current news at St. Nicholas Catholic School
  • What fellow St. Nicholas graduates are doing
  • Details for upcoming school and alumni events
  • How you can support your alma mater

Please take a few minutes to complete our Alumni Information Form. We want to hear from you! Other alumni will be reading about you, so only include information you’re comfortable with sharing.


Click here to view the most recent alumni newsletter.


Check back for information on upcoming alumni events!

Support Our School

As a graduate of St. Nicholas Catholic School, you know the impact that your experience here has had on who you are and what you’ve accomplished. You best represent the value of a Catholic education, and by supporting our school, you have the opportunity to pass that gift on to others.  We are grateful for the time, talent, and treasure you are willing to share with us.

St. Nicholas Catholic School offers many ways for alumni to take an active role in making school a positive experience for our students:

  • Tutoring our students
  • Mentoring students by assisting in the classroom or acting as a guest speaker
  • Volunteering for school committees, fundraisers, and outreach events
  • Donating to school campaigns and fundraisers

Contact the school office at 253.858.7632 for volunteer information. Click here to learn more about how a financial gift benefits the school.