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Annie Schellberg
5th Grade

(253) 858-7632


B.A. in Elementary Education, Central Washington University
M.A. in Education Technology, City University

I knew I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. My six siblings and myself attended St. Rose Catholic School in my hometown of Longview, Washington. Two of the most impressionable people in my life were educators. My grandmother taught in a one-room schoolhouse in Nebraska for twenty years and my older sister recently retired from a forty-year teaching tenure. The prospective of teaching was inspired in me at a young age.

In 2010, after teaching for ten years in the public school system, and being a stay-at-home for ten years, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach middle school math at St. Nicholas. This turned into a full-time opportunity when the 5th grade position opened up in the fall of 2017; I was fortunate enough to be offered the position. My husband and I chose to send our daughters to St. Nicholas not only for an exceptional education, but for spiritual guidance as well.

I have found teaching fifth grade to be both rewarding and fulfilling. This is a transitional year for my students, therefore, we focus a lot on organization and responsibility, along with self-esteem and tolerance; all essential for a smooth and successful transition to middle school!



  • Camp Seymour

  • Christmas Program

  • Field Days

  • Geography Bee

  • Grandparent Day and Spring Concert

  • Harbor History Museum

  • Junior Achievement Biz Town

  • School Traffic Duty

  • Seattle Children’s Theatre

  • Spelling Bee

  • Student Showcase

  • Talent Show



In fifth grade, students focus on fractions, decimals with multi-digit operations, base-ten numbers. We utilize models and real-world problems to deepen students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. Students also practice geometry through conceptualizing 3-dimensional space, estimating volume of 3-dimensional prisms, and using 1x1x1 cubes.


Students study physics, chemistry, and geology in fifth grade. They learn to identify the properties of matter, construct models of atoms and molecules, and understand and experiment with chemical reactions. Students study the solar system and constellations, learn about the roles of water on Earth, and analyze the impact humans have on Earth’s systems.

Social Studies

Students explore a wide range of historical events through human history, ranging from the Ice Age through the Civil War. Students are asked to demonstrate their understanding through assessments, projects, presentations, and short essays. Students also study geography, and learn to practice mapping skills. By the end of the year, students are able to identify states and their capitals; countries; major cities, rivers and mountain ranges; regions; and famous routes.


Fifth graders expand their imagination by reading a variety of materials individually and as a class, including novels, poems, plays, and articles. They learn how to better identify themes, analyze plots and character development, and literary devices (such as figurative language, imagery, and hyperbole).


The Seven Sacraments are studied in great depth. This includes age-appropriate study of Scripture, prayer, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Art, geography, history and poetry will be integrated throughout. 

I lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.
— Psalm 121:1