Lunch Program


Starting October 17 lunches are ordered through Orgs Online.



Lunch Program

St. Nicholas Catholic School offers a prepaid hot lunch program. You will receive a menu for each of your students in your “go home” envelope two weeks before the new month begins. Completed menus are due back to the school office the following week. For example, the menu will come home on a Thursday and is due back the following Friday. If your student(s) menu is turned in late, hot lunch will not be available to him or her the first week of the new month.

Please fill out one menu per student in your household. Circle each lunch that your student would like to order. If your student only wants to order milk, write the number on the milk-only line. Please attach your hot lunch payment (check or cash) to your menu. You can make one payment for multiple students.

Each sack or hot lunch costs $4.00 and includes milk. Pizza costs $1.50 per slice and does not include milk. Milk is available for $.50 to all students, whether or not they buy a lunch from the school. Students can bring cash to purchase milk, but lunches must be prepaid. If your student comes to school without a lunch, he or she will receive a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at no charge. At the end of the month, you will be billed for any unpaid lunch or milk purchases.

Our parish hall is a communal building; many school, parish, and community groups use the kitchen and classrooms.  There are times, as in the case of a funeral reception, when our planned lunch must be changed on short notice.  As much advanced notice as possible will be given to families. If lunches are cancelled for any reason, or your student is sick on a day he or she ordered lunch, you will receive a credit for that day which will be applied to the following month. If your student ordered a lunch but leaves early or misses hot lunch because of vacation, you will not receive a credit.