“St. Nicholas has been such a positive experience for my children. SN’s is an example of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit at its finest. If you asked my children they would absolutely agree!”


“Our family loves this community. Great options for preschool all the way to eighth grade. Our children have blossomed during their time here. ”


“As a military family we have moved all around the country, and have been part of several different schools. Saint Nicholas Catholic School is truly a hidden gem! I feel incredibly blessed to be part of such a amazing educational environment for our three children. We have been welcomed with open arms, and they all have thrived in their classrooms! I would highly recommend this school!”


“Vibrant school and parish community. Feels like being part of a family!”


“We are so thankful to be a part of the St. Nicholas family. The smaller environment has been a perfect place for our son to feel comfortable and confident. He has found his tribe, and has flourished academically. The families are warm and welcoming, and the staff are simply amazing. “


St. Nicholas School is amazing! The teachers treat the children as if they were their very own. They are leaders in academics and Christian values. Having worked in public education for almost thirty years, I have asked St. Nicholas graduates how prepared they felt for high school. The answer is always “high school feels pretty easy.” As we know, the true strength of a building starts with a strong foundation. That’s St. Nicholas! God bless all who walk their path.


“We've been at St. Nicholas School for eight years and parishioners for fourteen years. The community is loving, vibrant, and a real family. They are there to celebrate your joys and comfort you in your sorrows. We have such a gift in our shepherd, Fr. Mark. There are so many wonderful and faithful families joining the community of St. Nicholas. What a blessing!”


“My three daughters attend St. Nicholas. It is such a gift to our family. Small class sizes, amazing teachers and some of the best parents have created an environment for my children to thrive and succeed.“


“Congratulations Saint Nicholas on all your accomplishments, demonstrated by the students that you have sent into the world.”


“Our school has an amazing community of students, parents and teachers. We all know that others will influence our children, so having a community of families and kids that have similar values helps limit those unwanted influences tremendously. We have been a St. Nicholas School family for seven years and both my kids LOVE it here!”


“My husband and I chose to put our girls in St. Nicholas for the more rigorous academics and that has certainly paid off. However, there where so many more bonuses that we didn't think of before. One of the perks was the “School Family” program. School Families are created so older students become the guardians of the little ones during Mass and other school events. The older students have a lot of interaction with the little ones and for the development of middle school kids, that is huge! The older kids are treated as leaders and the little ones have older kids to look up to. They truly become a family!”


“We love our school! An amazing community, dedicated to excellent education and a supportive environment. My son is in the fifth grade. We started here in second grade. He has flourished academically and socially! We have developed so many wonderful friendships here!”

— KIM C.

“St. Nicholas has been such a blessing to our family. The staff always go above and beyond in preparing the children. We are so grateful to have our kids at a school that they love to go to each and everyday. My children have formed wonderful friendships and continue to grow spiritually. We love the St. Nicholas community.”


“We couldn't be happier with this loving, nurturing school. The staff, teachers, parents, and kids are like a close family.”


“St. Nicholas has been a huge blessing to our family. Our children have flourished both academically and socially.”


“My family has been so blessed to be part of the St. Nick's family, now into our second year. The teachers and staff are top notch and really care about our students. It really feels like you are part of a family at this school and my two young children are thriving.”


“Joining St. Nicholas expanded our family. We feel truly blessed to be involved in this wonderful community. We have made many great friends.”


“Family-oriented & faith-based learning environment. Proud to be a St. Nicholas Catholic School family.”