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Allison Heaton

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I have such a heart and genuine love for this age group! My family, originally from Leavenworth, Kansas, moved to Gig Harbor in 2013. We are still amazed by the spectacular landscape God created here in the Pacific Northwest, and love getting outside whenever we can. My husband, Joe, and I have two beautiful children.

I am beyond excited to see how our Heavenly Father moves, not only in preschool, but also in this special community of St. Nicholas School. What a gift this school has been to our family, and so many others.



  • “Moving Up” Ceremony

  • Annual Auction

  • Annual Barbecue

  • Assemblies

  • Cross Country

  • Fall Festival

  • Field Day

  • Field Trips

  • Maritime Festival

  • Monthly Mass

  • Movie Nights

  • Tree Lighting



Children will be introduced to problem solving, basic math vocabulary, concepts of counting, on-to-one correspondence, shape recognition, patterning, measurement, sorting, and graphing.


Children will build upon their natural curiosity to investigate and make sense of the world.  Children will focus on four steps in the scientific discovery: explore, investigate, collect and communicate.  Children will explore science as inquiry, life science, earth and space science, physical science, and science in personal and social perspectives.

Social Studies

Children will learn about self, family, school helpers, community members, traditions, celebrations, other cultures, and problem-solving.  Children will participate in projects to help others in need.


Children will get to know Jesus Christ, His teachings, their Catholic faith, celebrate the Liturgical year (Advent, Holy Days and Feast Days) with an emphasis on gifts from God (plants, animals, and human beings) and His love for us.  Children will hear Old and New Testament Bible stories, pray with others and by themselves.

Language Arts

Each day, children will be exposed to alphabet instruction, phonemic awareness, literature, oral language, pre-handwriting and writing activities, sound blending, and literature.

Personal Skills

We focus on growing the whole child with great attention to kindness, sharing, love for others, respect of personal belongings, building relationships, self-confidence, collaboration, independent learning, public speaking, and leadership.

Extracurricular Activities

Children will enjoy STEM activities, music classes with instruments and song, Physical Education, Art, and Spanish.

The joy of the Lord is my strength!
— Nehemiah 8:10