Scholarship Funds: the Guardian Angel Program and the Del Garber Education Fund


The Guardian Angel Program

Former principal Amy Unruh and parents Christine Hewitson and Bett Lucas identified the need for St. Nicholas Catholic School to create its own scholarship fund to enable as many families as possible to send their children to our school. Just like guardian angels, supporters remove financial barriers that prevent families from sending their children here.

Parishioners give to this program through envelopes three times a year. Others donate through attendance at fundraising events held annually. Still others donate on a regular basis by check or through the online PushPay account.

The Del Garber Educational Fund

Maggie and Del Garber, a long-time parishioners at St. Nicholas Catholic Church, supported St. Nicholas Catholic School for years. After Del’s death, Maggie set up a scholarship fund to honor his memory. When people donate to the Del Garber fund, they not only help our students with scholarship money but also pay tribute to both Maggie and Del.