Student Life

St. Nicholas students not only receive a well-rounded education that includes Spanish, Music, Technology, and PE, they have access to a variety of activities, clubs, and athletics.

School Families

One unique offering at St. Nicholas Catholic School is our “school family” experience. We created school families so that students can form lasting relationships with students in other grades. Every St. Nicholas student in grades Pre-K through 8 joins a school family. Each school family includes a St. Nicholas teacher and students from a variety of grades. Students stay with the same school family throughout their time at St. Nicholas.

Each school family selects a patron Saint to study and represent the school family. Students sit with their school families at all-school Mass, held the first Friday of the month. On the Wednesday before, 7th and 8th grade students lead their  school families in an activity related to the Gospel readings for the First Friday Mass.